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    Hi, I just purchased your Rigid theme today, very happy with it.
    I’m having a couple of problems though. I imported the marketplace demo theme and activated all the plugins.

    1.I seem unable to change the main header picture…the one under the main menu, it’s currently an illustration of a rigid market street…I am able to add a picture but it just sits on top of the original and is not full width, I want to change it, not add an image on top….I have tried with wp bakery, gutenburg and in the customise section….please help.

    2. I installed the events calendar plugin but it doesn’t show in the menu section and when I click on the link to see the events page…there is no sign of any calendar, any idea what might be the problem here? Thanks in advance, Neil

    the site is


    Hello Neilko,

    1. The image was added there as a background of the Row element, not as a standard image. Just edit the Row, go to the Design Tab and change the background image with your own.

    2. There are no events configured in the Marketplace demo at all. They are in the main demo. Also, they were configured long time ago for demonstration only and probably expired. Anyways, everything should work just like in the main demo. You just need to configure your Events Calendar plugin properly and create some events of course.



    Thanks, that’s done the trick with the image, I’m new to wp bakery, I’ve only used elementor, was very easy once you explained.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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