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    How can we edit the Checkout page? It doesn’t allow us to edit anything (i.e. header, widgets, etc). It just includes a WooCommerce shortcode but has no editing function. We don’t want the header text or any widgets like recent products to appear.

    Also, the fields for entering credit card info do not appear. You have to click “Process order” and get the fail message for the page to reload, and THEN the fields appear to enter credit card info.



    Ok. Figured out Part 1 of this request.

    Part 2, however, is still a problem. For some strange reason, the fields to enter the Credit Card info during the checkout DO NOT appear, unless your first click on “PROCESS ORDER”. The page reloads and the fields appear. See here.

    It does it on every browser, unfortunately, and on Desktop or mobile.

    Thanks for your help.


    Also…several other CHECKOUT issues:

    1. When adding PAYPAL as a Woo Commerce payment option, the PAYPAL logos overlap the CART and CHECKOUT buttons in the CART, blocking view of the buttons beneath.
    2. How do we eliminate all of the PRODUCT CATEGORIES, FEATURED PRODUCTS, PRODUCTS ON SALE at the bottom of the CHECKOUT page?




    2. If you need to accept credit card payments on your store, you’d need to use a separate plugin for this. WooCommerce doesn’t have such feature by default. In our demo, we are using the official Stripe payment gateway plugin.

    2. PayPal overlaping buttons – please, provide a working link where we can see the problem “live”, so we can check what could be wrong. Basically PayPal logos should NOT be displayed in cart at all! Only in the checkout page.

    3. Sounds like there is a sidebar enabled on your checkout page (can’t be sure without seeing it “live”, though). If so, you’d just need to disable the sidebars for that page in the page edit options > right hand column.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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