ResolvedCompatibility with New Multi Vendor plugin. WCFM Marketplace.

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    Hello Team,

    I am planning to use new Multi vendor plugin
    Can you cross check and give go ahead. I wanted to know it is compatible with your theme or not.

    I think this guys are having entire ecosystem for multi vendor.
    Would really appreciate if you can have one demo with this plugins. 🙂


    David Savill

    Hi Shub,

    Hope a link to this thread helps:

    New Marketplace

    althemist are looking into it, however, have a few other projects that need to be completed.

    As WCFM have already worked with many other marketplaces (so they shouldn’t have any excuses not to be good) they have a whole tonne of potential and should have loads of features in place, however, they’re still a very new product.

    It’ll take a lot of testing to make sure they’re compatible with RIGD and other althemist projects, so it’s a matter of patience, which in turn will also give WCFM time to iron out their own bugs.

    I jumped into WCMP at their version 2 release, and there are still insane features missing almost 12 months on. Hopefully having worked with multiple marketplaces beforehand, WCFM might skip a few mistakes that other marketplaces have made quite early in their existence.

    For me, I might hold out for WCFM now. I’m hoping that as they’re new (and should have loads of experience) they’ll be hungry to prove their position in the game.

    At the moment, WCMP seems to be the most costly mistake I’ve made, however, soon it’ll probably reach a point with WordPress Marketplaces where it’s a little like the battle between Apple and Samsung. Once they all have the vital features in place, the rest will just depend on what features are more important to you.

    We’re almost at that point. I may freeze my project until after Christmas now.

    I have a feeling that 2017/2018 will certainly be the years known for a massive turn towards marketplaces on WordPress.


    Hi David,

    Thanks for your response. But i have noticed some mission critical glitch in WCMP for e.g. If order fails in 1st attempt and customer retry and it get successfully placed in 2nd attempt. But WCMP does not mark it processed. It still acknowledge it as failed. So my vendors are not getting order list.

    WCFM is doing rigorous test to release there plugin which can help in migration.

    At the moment, WCMP seems to be the most costly mistake I’ve made,

    : same with me. Entire ecosystem of MArketplace is running on WCFM only Base is of WCMP. So i was wondering i can get whole ecosystem on WCFM.

    I agree they have some bugs. but they Iron those bugs every release 😉 Which is pretty fast. Same as @althemist there resolution rate is fast.
    Lets see..
    Hope for best

    Warm Regards,


    Hi Shubham,

    as David already explained, we will definitely test and adapt (if needed) our theme to WCFM. We already explained in David’s topic, that the plugin itself, should be compatible with any theme out-of-the-box, but we will try to add all our custom features to the new plugin-specific areas the same way we did it for WCMp and WC Vendors.



    Hi Dimitar,

    Sounds great 🙂


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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