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    Hello, i have problem with Countdown in Lafka ordering hours. On product page it is working, but im using option “Use AJAX when adding product to cart on single product pages”. And when you open product in ajax via button order(yes i have Disable add to cart when closed for orders. ON), there is message that shop is closed, but there is no countdown. Is there any chance to add that countdown there also?

    A nice option will be a popup message all over the site, when shop is closed. Can i somehow add such an popup? Also with countdown.

    Another question – im using “WooCommerce Delivery Are Pro”, on checkout page, when the product could not be delivered because the address is incorrect an error appears next to the product that it cannot be delivered. Ofc there is also an notification a little higher, however auto scroll reaches only that first error. Can i in the checkout, force autoscroll scroll to the top of the page, or be dozens of pixels higher.

    Thank you for help!


    Hello lagotek,

    1. Unfortunately, the countdown can’t be visible on the “quick view window” (order now button).

    2. For the site wide popup – we will discuss with the team and if it’s possible, may be we can include this as an option with the next update.

    3. We can’t really tell as this is not theme related. The scroll is triggered in the plugin, so you should consult this with the plugin support team.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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