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    Hope you are well.
    The vendor registration page has two page titles (one is the page title and the other is the default page title which is on the WCMP) I want to remove the default title.
    WCMP have a solution on their website which means that I have to edit the PHP in the theme.

    Apologies for my naivety but I have never edited PHP before and not come across this before.

    I can see I can edit this under Appearance>Theme Editor>Theme Functions

    add_filter(‘wcmp_vendor_registration_header_text’, ‘callback_wcmp_vendor_registration_header_text’);
    function callback_wcmp_vendor_registration_header_text(){
    return ”;

    Do i add this in the row after }
    like this:

    and update file?

    Can you please let me know if this is OK and won’t impact the theme?

    I have also been given a similar solution to hide the vendor contact details, I assuming if the above is correct I am ok to add the following here too?
    add_filter(‘wcmp_vendor_store_header_hide_store_email’, ‘__return_true’);
    add_filter(‘wcmp_vendor_store_header_hide_store_phone’, ‘__return_true’);

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    Not really sure what do you mean about the two titles. There is just one page title and there is also a small heading “Vendor Registration Form” just above the form in the page content. If you need to hide the “Vendor Registration Form” heading, just use the following CSS:

    form.register h2.reg_header1 {
    display: none;

    As for the code from the WCMp tema, it’s not recommended to alter the theme files. I’d suggest using a child theme and placing the code in it’s functions.php



    Hi Dimitar,

    Thank you for your help with this. I will only change this the child theme.
    Your point on the form page is correct I would like to hide the “Vendor Registration Form” just above the form in the page content.
    I have tried to apply the code you mentioned and I am receiving a syntax error.
    Please see below:

    Thank you,


    Hello Sameena,

    It looks like you’re trying to place a CSS code in the functions.php. It must be placed in the child theme’s style.css


    Also, it is highly NOT RECOMMENDED to use the theme editor for this. Use a proper code editor to edit the files locally and than upload to your server. Not only it could lead to unpredictable errors, but the theme editor and plugins editor should be disabled for security reasons.

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