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    1-I imported the same demo again to reset a color that i didn’t figure how to reset.
    so i lost all of the progress i made menus , the entire customization….everything.
    is there a way I can bring them back without going through each process again?

    2-plus, the header covers part of notification in wcfm dashboard and in the site itself like here

    the link is in the reply (private)
    3-on same page above is it ok for icons to look like this ? in the demo they looked gorgeous.

    4-when I go to appearance >widget. a lot of red messages appear and say this piece is affected and cant work probably .revise the developers tools. .. hope i can translate well.

    5-new categories are not shown in the shop categories. before and after re importing the demo.

    6-can i import Arabic fonts to use in this demo? just tell me if yes or no please.

    7-how can i delete some social icons and add tiktok instead?
    I tried to delete some but it didnt work.

    8- how can i download the logo from the demo to put my marketplace name on it?

    I talk about Etsy like demo.

    I hope these questions are not directly in the customization field.

    can u answer this also if you pleases… when i give a link to a developer to customize and test the marketplace. what can i info can i give them and keep my website secure?



    Hi omarodeh88wz,

    1. No, I am afraid there is no easy way to restore your content. The demo import does what it says – it replace your content and settings with the demo content and settings. The only way to restore your content would be a hosting backup.

    2. Can’t see any links?

    3. Can’t really tell without seeing the problem “live”.

    4. Most probably you are using the block style widgets. As Rigid is not a block theme, it’s strongly recommended to install the “Classic widgets” plugin.

    5. In order to show a category on the site, there must be at least 1 product assigned to it. This is not theme related, it’s how WooCommerce work.

    6. You can’t “import” any fonts. You can use all Google fonts and some of them support Arabic. The theme doesn’t work with custom fonts. Only Google fonts.

    7. Exactly which icons are you talking about and where?

    8. The logo is just an image. You can save the image and replace the text on it with a tool like PhotoShop or similar.

    Every developer would need full access in order to do their job, so you should choose a developer you trust.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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