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    Hello, I have the following scenario and I don’t know how to implement it.

    – Free shipping for all orders bigger than $10 from the city where the restaurant is located.
    – A shipping fee “X” must be applied for orders less than $10 placed from the city where the restaurant is located.
    – A shipping fee “Y” must be applied for all orders placed from outside the city where the restaurant is located (maximum of 10km).

    How do I achieve this?


    Hello bogdan,

    There are few options.
    If you want to limit the city borders by custom defined area, you need to create one “Lafka Shipping Area” (WooCommerce -> Lafka Shipping Areas ), defining the borders of the city where the restaurant is located.
    Otherwise you can just rely on the WooCommerce shipping zones where you create the shipping method.

    – From WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping, you define a new zone, set a name and choose you city as a “Regions”;
    – Then you create shipping method in this zone, by clicking “Add shipping method” and select “Lafka Shipping Area Method”. The order of below methods is important.
    – The first method should be the most limited one (free shipping for same area with minimum order amount > 10$); Select the branch (if you have any), flat rate = 0, minimum order amount = 10, for “Restrict by” either set none (if you will rely on the “Regions” setting) or “Lafka Shipping Areas” (if you have created specific shipping area) and select the area;
    – Second method should be for the less than 10$ orders with X shipping tax from the same area. So you create new shipping method with same settings, but for flat rate = X and minimum order amount = 0;
    – Third method is for the Y fee. Create new method. Set flat rate = Y , min order amount will stay = 0, Restrict by radius = 10 km.



    Hello, I tried doing that but there’s something wrong and I’m getting an error. Here are the steps that I did:

    Step 1. Remove the previously saved Lafka Shipping Area.
    Step 2. Create two Lafka Shipping Areas
    Step 3. (Woocommerce\Shipping zones)Create a new shipping zone, select a zone region and click Save.
    Step 3. Add a shipping method “Lafka Shipping Areas Method”. Immediately I can spot something wrong because after creation, the title is blank. Also, the POST crashes with HTTP500 error (/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=woocommerce_shipping_zone_methods_save_settings) because it cannot save the location based restriction.
    Step 4. If I click Edit, I’m getting this error: “Invalid shipping method”

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