ResolvedFeature Request: Add Option To Disable "Serving Size" Linking to Weight in Oz

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    Feature Request: Option To Disable “Serving Size” Linking to Product Weight(Oz).

    Why This Is A Needed Feature?: In the food industry, serving size is almost always less than the unit size. For example, the unit size may be a Pizza Pi(8 Slices), but the serving size is 1 slice. This is standard practice.

    What currently happens?
    Specifying the shipping weight in Shipping Section is Linked to the Serving Size! The serving size bubble is neat, but should be linked to the actual product’s serving size.
    Specifying Serving Weight in Shipping Section is Linked to the Serving Size

    Bubble showing shipping weight 200 oz!
    Bubble showing shipping weight

    What should happen?
    The serving size should be it’s own field by default or there should be an option to stop linking it to the shipping size.

    Should be another field

    Bubble shows the correct serving size 20 oz that isn’t linked to the product weight!
    Bubble showing correct serving size

    Thanks for the Awesome Theme
    I already said I love these theme in a previous post, but the more I like it. It looks like it’s only a few months old, so I am looking forward to awesome future updates. The current design is pretty great.


    Hi TheRedMudder,

    Thanks for your valuable feedback.

    We will discuss with the team and if possible will add a separate setting.

    However, please note that in most countries, restaurants are obligated by law to display serving size weight (grams, oz etc.), not number of pieces, so we can’t completely disable this in favor of a single restaurant requirement. We will discuss internally if we can make it optional.



    Sound good to me. Keep me posted on the verdict.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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