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    Few questions:

    (1) For the Grouped Product, is it possible for customers to select the colour variation on the same page – instead of it saying ‘read more’ (refer to

    (2) How do I change the display photo and banner for the vendor frontend (refer to

    (3) Can I customise the header? As for now I can only see limited customisations under Theme Options > Header Area


    (4) If it’s a grouped product, for example Set of 3 Lip Butters where you can select 3 different flavours – is there an option to select more than 1 variation?


    Hi catherinelum,

    1) I am afraid no. This is not theme related, it’s how WooCommerce work. You can’t chose variations on variable products in grouped products.

    2) The banner and logo images can be changed by each vendor. They are not meant to be changed by the site admin.

    3) Not really sure what do you mean by “customise the header”. Exactly what would you like to customize? Basically the theme gives you control on certain pre-defined header styles and you almost unlimited controls on colors and backgrounds.

    4) Same as 1) – I’m afraid no. The only option to achieve this is with a separate plugin called Composite Products.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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