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    I have a few small issues with Lafka theme:
    1) Unable to log out of our account from the fontend
    2) I tried to use the Cambo option but I can’t get it to work like on the demo. There is a link which appears to the right of the title which refers to the linked product. Could please explain to me how to do it. I think I have respected the documentation.
    3) In terms of add-ons on variable products:
    – If for example the size L = 0.00 € and XL = 1 € then the 0.00 € is displayed to the right of the add-on (it is not hidden)
    – If for example the size L = “” (empty) and XL = 1 € then Nothing is displayed to the right of the add-on (neither € 0.00 nor € 1)
    – If for example the size L = 1 € and XL = 2 € then this is displayed perfectly to the right of the add-on
    Could you please check and resolve the problem?

    Thank in advance,


    Hello ecomunik,

    1. I am afraid we can’t just guess what do you mean by “Unable to log out”. Please, explain more. Did you get any error message when trying to logout?
    2. Again, not really sure what you’d like to do. Just remove the link to the product page or something else? Please, explain more.
    3. For the addons, not matter if variable or not, is the price field is left empty it would not show any pricee. If it there is some number (e.g. 0.00 or 2.00) it will be show next to the addon name.

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    1. We have tried many times on our own website and it always work fine. Please give us a link to your site and temporary admin access, so we can check what could be wrong. It sounds like caching problem, but can’t tell for sure before I check.

    2. The easiest way to achieve this would be to import the demo content, so you’ll get exactly the same content as the demo. As for the icon link next to the product name – on our demo it’s not visible, because the products are set as hidden.

    3. Yes, that’s the normal logic. If you give us access to your site we may check what could be wrong.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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