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    I have couple of queries regarding the headers mostly

    1> from where I can change the header banner n the best optimized size of the same?

    2> In category pages as what is the best recommended “Title background image” size. And apart from description is there any other place to add the text?

    3> In the standard pages like I am using header style as normal & default.But the banner image seems shrinks a bit . whats the best optimized size & option to chose to achieve the same

    4> same question whats the best optimized size & option to chose to achieve the same



    Hi sidkvn,

    1. The image for the blog page can be changed under Theme Options > Blog. The best size would depend on the header type you use. In your specific case, as you’re using the Transparent Header option, it’d be good to use larger image to make sure it looks good on all devices. I’d suggest 1920×900-1000px

    2. Same goes for the category background image. If you set Transparent header OR if you plan to use larger texts for title and subtitle, the recommended size would be 1920×1000, so it would always cover the entire are and look good. There are two places, where you can add text – the standard category description and also the category Subtitle field.

    3. What you have there is a standard WordPress featured images. Pages are not meant to be used with featured images. I’d suggest applying the image as title background OR include the image inside the content, not as featured image.

    4. In this case, as you’re using the standard header option,. you can use smaller image – e.g. 1920×600

    Hope this helps.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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