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    Hi. this is my first post so excuse me if i make any mistake. I hav some questions in order to finish one install.

    1) First of all i want to change the home page from home to home 2 . (the one that sais THE BEST PIZZA IN TOWN). I put it at reading setting at wordpress. When i make an order after i complete the orther it returns me at the main page. not the page i put in reading

    2) At products how can i allign the buttons to be at the same line.

    3) is it possible to fancy fonts at greek ?

    4) the test site to see the preview is

    Any help appreciated.
    Thank you in advance


    Hi napoleon2121,

    No problems with mistakes. We are here to help. 🙂

    1) Not really sure what do you mean. Basically in WooCommerce when you complete an order you’re taken to a “Thank you page”. Please explain more.

    2) Exactly which buttons are you talking about?

    3) What do you mean t”to fancy fonts at greek”? Please, be more descriptive in your questions.

    4) The link you provided doesn’t work (Server not found).



    Let me transfer the site at my friends domain today and i will send you back these questions. the problem is that i cannot upload photos here. i will send back the inquiries today 😀 also sorry my english are not the best 😀


    No problem at all. If you need to post images, you can just post links to them.


    Hi again. i managed to make everthing. now i am having this 2 problems that i need help

    1) I want to make gifts. Let’s say for example that one customer take a pizza that costs like 15 euro and another one that costs 18 euro. i want to make free the one with the lowest price. is that possible???

    2) is it possible to make all the products as a list ? not like woocommerce i ask this couse i don’t hav so many photos and the final result is that the products move up and down. check this if you like


    Also take a look at this page.

    as you can see the buttons are not alligned and goes up and down. is it possible to fix that ??

    ty in advance


    Hello napoleon2121,

    1. I am afraid this would only be possible with special discounts plugin. There are many plugins like this, but they are all premium (paid). You’d need to find the one that suits your needs best.

    2. We are planning to add such product layout for some of the next major updates. Currently it is not possible with the theme options.

    3. Buttons are not aligned, because your products have different short description length. There is just no way to be in a line with your products information.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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