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    Hi guys,

    I would like to know how can I disable/delete the megamenu in my Zass theme ? It’s causing problem with this plugin: User Menus by Code Atlantic.

    Many thanks !


    Not really sure what do you mean. You need to disable the entire menu OR you want it to be just a standard menu?



    Thanks for your quick response.

    Well, I will try to explain as clear as I can. As I’m not an expert and it sounds to be a WordPress/theme code issue.

    I have a problem with the plugin mentioned above. User Menus by Code Atlantic. If you read the following support thread:

    Something about “Walker_Nav_Menu”, the way it is developed, again I’m not a coder, I don’t understand very well.

    In my example, with your Zass theme as soon as my menu is setup as “Main menu” in Appearance > Customize > Menus , The plugin options are disable or not visible. But when my menu is setup to “Top menu” for example, the plugin works perfectly.

    They said in the thread that is a theme issue, so that’s why I contacted you in the first place. I would appreciate if could help me or at least give me some indication to understand a little better my issue. It seems to happen since WordPress 5.4.

    I could send you print screen as well if needed.

    Thank you very much for your help and time !!!



    Hi MrTink,

    Basically, the problem is not related to WP 5.4

    As you can see from other user’s comments in the plugin support topic, most premium themes are using a custom walker in order to provide mega menu functionality and other options not available in WP menus by default. When the custom walker is active (in this specific case we activate it when a menu is assigned to the Main Menu position) no other custom walkers can be used, so your plugin can’t be used, as it also have it’s own custom walker.

    However, there were changes in the latest WP versions which now allows us (theme developers) to include custom features without a custom walker class. We are already working on update to rewrite our old menu system, so other (properly built) plugins can be used together with our custom menu. It will be available next week.

    Hope this helps or at least makes it a bit more clear.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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