ResolvedHow to edit Lafka Nutrition Facts options

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    Guilherme Souza

    Hello good afternoon.

    Could you let me know how I can edit, remove and add information to Lafka Nutrition Facts?

    I need to modify some fields, however, I haven’t identified where to do this.


    Hi guilherme,

    I am afraid these can not be modified. They are pre-defined fields calculated by the WHO formula. You can’t edit the existing fields or add new ones.

    Guilherme Souza

    Good Morning.

    Here in Brazil, the nutritional table includes new items and also some other fields.


    Hi Guilherme Souza,

    I’ll discuss with the team if we can include new items in the next update. For now that’s the most we can do.

    Guilherme Souza

    Hello Dimitar, good afternoon.

    Thank you very much.

    I’m waiting for a return.

    This is really very important.

    Here in Brazil, the percentages are a little different and we also have more information.

    It would be very helpful.

    Maybe activate a function that if it is the country of Brazil, use the rules here.

    It would be fantastic.,

    Thank you very much


    Any solution here? I also have the same issue and need to modify the fields.


    Hi j.bodokia,

    No, I am afraid there is no way modify the existing fields. However, we have included 3 new nutrients in the list for the next theme update (Fibre, Cholesterol and Salt)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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