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    I would like to add options / variants for color and size on my product pages. There is no option in the marketplace to do that.



    If you have Woo Commerce these are the instructions. It’s not theme related though.

    ArtyHippo variable product. How to create the product variations

    From this tutorial, you’ll learn what is a variable product and how to add it to your ArtyHippo shop. Also, learn how to add external product from this tutorial.

    In case you need to show different sets of one product on your ArtyHippo site, and enable the customer to choose the product in a certain colour or complication, you can use the Variable Products option.
    For example, you have one type of dress in various sizes and colours. Here is where Variable Products option comes into play. From this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use it.
    Creating a variable product
    Step 1 — First, navigate to the Products > Add New screen on your WordPress Dashboard. Here you can create a new product. Type in its name and add all the necessary content as you usually do.
    Step 2 — In the Product Data block, select the Variable product option in the drop-down list.

    Step 3 — Switch to the Attributes tab and choose the Custom Product attribute option in the drop-down list. Then click the Add button.

    Step 4 — Type in the attribute’s name (e.g., Size) in the Name field, and fill in the attribute values (e.g., S, M, L, XL). To separate attribute values, please, use | separator. In our example, we used the Size and Color attributes.

    Step 5 — Check the Visible on the product page option to make the attributes shown on the product page.
    Step 6 — Also, check the Used for variations option to use the attribute for product variations.
    Step 7 — Now, let’s add one more attribute and click Add. In my case, it will be Color – red, black, blue. It looks like this.

    Step 8 — After everything is done, click the Save attributes button to save the changes.
    Step 9 — Now, let’s proceed to the Variations tab. Here you can add variations to the product. Select the Create variations from all attributes option from the corresponding drop-down menu and click the Go button.

    Step 10 — When Are you sure you want to link all variations? notice appears, click the OK button. After that, you’ll see 2 variations added notice, informing you about the success.
    Step 11 — After that, you’ll see different variations according to the attributes you’ve created. The next step is to click the Expand button. New sections with features of each product will expand.

    Step 12 — Here you can add a SKU (short for the stock-keeping unit – the product code that allows to track a product for different purposes) to the variation upload an image to show the variation to the customers, change the product variation’s regular price, sale price, select its stock status, weight and dimensions.

    Note, that if you have too many products that have common characteristics, you don’t need to enter properties one by one. You can click on an arrow near Add variation, select variation (e.g. Set regular prices) or any other property and click Go.

    Step 13 — Lastly, click the Save changes button and Publish.
    Great! That is done! Now you know how to create the product variations for your ArtyHippo store.


    Hello shopbf52,

    ArtyHippoSupport explained the process pretty well. I’d only suggest creating your product attributes beforehand in Products > Attributes page, so you can easily insert them in the product without the need to manually create them each time.

    Also, there are tons of video tutorials available on youtube:

    Hope this helps.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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