Resolvedhow to merge the main menu with call us and login buttons?

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    1. I have a problem with merging those two things into one line. I want the menu to not be that thick, so would want to make it on one line with logo and the main menu. Like:
    Call us – menu – logo – menu – login wishlist search

    2. I want to move a sub menu with all the food categories a bit upper (closer to the main menu). How can I do that?
    I also want it to be fixed. As the main menu

    3. I want to get rid of the shop headers. I don’t want any Shop Page Header or Subtitle or Title with Image Background on Shop Page. I want to delete this element but cannot find where to do so. I already tried to delete all text and background but it is still an empty white blank on the main page.

    4. I want to make a slider on the main page smaller in height, but when I change its margins on WP Bakery, the whole text and buttons shift out of the view

    5. And also, do you maybe have a code editor? Where I could change HTML and CSS. That would be much easier than a WP Bakery builder.



    Hello eamalika,

    1 & 2. I am afraid that would not be possible, as these are located in different containers. There is just no way to be in one line.

    3. You can remove the image background and subtitle on the shop page from Theme Options > Shop tab. As for the main page title – I am afraid this can’t be turned OFF. The only way to hide it would be with CSS.

    4. Not really sure what do you mean. How is the height related to the margins?

    5. Code editors have nothing to do with the Page Builder. This is theme. The Page Builder only change the content, not the theme code. However, you can simply disable the page builder, but this way you’d loose a lot of the content elements, including the slider.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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