ResolvedI/O problem + staff account doesn’t work

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    Hello team,
    How are you?

    1-Actually I have Input/Output problem . it seems it reached the maximum level.
    It’s strange because I still don’t have visitors or vendors. So the hosting company suggested it’s a theme issue. I would like you to see the problem in my hosting site> files > logs.
    I will give you access to my cpanel using your support email to speed the process then I will remove it as soon as you see it. excuse me for adding you before this way. But I cant show you folders here.
    please and tell me if you can help.

    2-What default theme do you recommend to use in case there is something wrong with rigid theme? WP keeps suggesting to do so.

    3-I have wcfm group and staff plugin. I tested creating a manager and a staff accounts. They were created. but I couldn’t enter their accounts.Now the problem is extended to the vendor account.But for creating groups and capability the plugin is fine.

    I have some other problems like shipping is not found in checkout pages for any of the types. some membership rules don’t get applied.and many other problems.
    ” I think all of the previous problems are caused by a plugin(and this is what support team say).”

    So I disabled all of the plugins one by one and tested. even I changed the theme and tested and nothing changed. The only difference I noticed is the creating staff process saved faster-after it used to keep loading and some times it save sometimes not.

    The problem with staff-manager accounts is that I cant access their accounts. A message appears that says you need admin approval. Despite that I am the admin who created it so I don’t need any approval. and even the vendor creates his staff ,it’s the same issue he doesn’t need approval.
    moreover there are no options in the admin cpanel to approve any.

    So I am really afraid it’s a theme issue.
    Backend access details are in the reply below in case you want to check the site.
    Thanks a lot

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    I want to add this also,

    I had problems in shipping by distance, it used to calculate the distance but shipping rules weren’t applied. Then now I dont have shipping at all in the checkout page for any kind of shipping. (distance- country- region). I contacted wcfm theme. They said the theme is causing the issue .

    a- Even the invoice doesn’t appear any more in any place in the site.

    b- some rules don’t get applied. For example: When membership period ends > disable vendore . But what happens is automatic renewal for bank transfer.

    c- when upgrading the membership. vendors cancel the first one. So the paypal should stop deducting old plan fees. and start deducting the new plan fees,
    What happens is paypal keep deducting the old fees besides the new plan fees. Does it demand manual work from me each time a vendor cancel or change a membership plan to cancel it from the paypal site?

    For c if it’s not a theme concern . Can you tell me where it can be solved?

    look at the photo please.



    Hello omarodeh88wz,

    These are definitely not theme related. Could be some of your plugins or a hosting problem.

    Unfortunately, we can’t help with that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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