Resolvedinquiry button doesn’t work and custom product page code

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    I tested as a customer to send an “inquiry” but no email is sent to notify the seller?
    and on the seller’s dashboard, there is no “inquiry” to view the requests, can you solve my problem ? I use wfcm plugin. I read there has a conflict between both, please tell me How I can hide this feature (on productpage)

    Also, on the product page of each product I have to customize the page code to remove some items such as the notes and the store icon, in which page of the theme (in the theme editor) should I go ?

    Thank you by advance


    Hello contact.pushoose,

    So sorry for the late response.

    Both questions are not theme related.

    1. There are no known conflicts in this functionality. We have just tested and it works fine. Mails are delivered immediately. Does your users get the other mails from your site (registration, order etc.)?

    2. There are settings in WCFM for this. No need to edit templates.



    Hello Dimitar,

    Thank you so much for your quick feedback
    1. ok it’s noted
    2. ok great I managed to remove the display of the tab policy but I do not know how I did the tab product description is no longer displayed, do you know where I should reactivate on the topics of wfcm I can not find or more?

    thank you by advance


    The description tab is not related to WCFM. Basically, you should not be able to disable it without a special plugin. Could you, please give me a link where I can check the problem “live”?


    hello thank u so much for your answer I think I closed this topic because I found issue, in fact for a product I didn’t have description si it couldn’t be displayed….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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