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    I have a problem with shipping areas,

    I added lafka shipping zones
    I added woocommerce zones for each lafka zone

    I have a working google api key

    Some lafka shipping areas overlap each other
    I have one free zone

    I experience the following issues:

    When I am logged in as admin and I place an order the maps finds my address, but it doesn\’t find shipping options, if its not in the free area.
    If its in the free area, it shows a label: Lafka Shipping Areas

    but nothing else. If I set a price for the zone it shows the price, but only for this zone. If I set the address to any other zone it does not find shipping options.

    If I am not logged in, the maps default location set to Germany, ( my location is in Hungary) and if ióI give any address, it does not find any shipping option ever, neither finds the address.


    Hi gmmpb00,

    The explanation of the problem is a bit unclear and we are confused a little.

    Could you, please give us temporary admin access, so we can check your setup?



    I could fix the issue. The problem was that I created a woocommerce shipping zone for each lafka shipping area. It turns out, I only have to create one woocommerce shipping area, and include all the lafka zones.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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