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    I have installed the Demo Content for the Etsy-style marketplace. In the checkout flow, two issues seem to be completely preventing checkout:

    1. Customer is forced to create an account, but no “create account” button shows up.
    I have tried this with Guest Checkout enabled in “WooCommerce > Accounts & Privacy” but when I try to do a checkout without creating an account, it prevents the checkout and says “Sorry, you need to create an account in order for us to save your payment information.” When I turn off Guest Checkout, there is no checkbox to “Create Account” like I see in the theme demo.

    2. For returning customers, the login modal “Login” button does nothing.
    The checkout page also has a link that says “Returning customers? Click here to login.” but when I fill out the username and password of an existing account, the Login button does not work (eg. click and nothing happens).


    Hi thewinenerd,

    It sounds like the account page is not set properly under WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced.

    Also, please note that registering accounts on the checkout page is not theme related. You’d need to allow this under WooComemrce > Settings > Accounts and Privacy.

    The second problem could also be caused by JS error on your site. If you give us a link to see the problem “live”, we can try to investigate further and give you some directions.


    Hi, thank you for your response!

    The site is live at:

    And on the first problem, I do have registering accounts on the checkout page activated in WooCommerce, but it is strange because the CSS class for ‘woocommerce-account-fields’ is created, but nothing fills the div.

    Any help you can provide would be great. Thanks!


    Hi thewinenerd,,

    We have just checked your site and double checked the theme itself. It looks like something is conflicting the woocommerce checkout scripts there.

    1. The “register an account” checkbox problem could be related to your age restriction plugin or something else. can’t be 100% sure, though. I’d suggest trying to disable third-party plugins not included with the theme one by one and see if it’s fixed.

    2. The login button works everywhere except on the checkout page.

    There are some errors and warnings on your checkout page. Some of the caused by wrong Stripe credentials.

    Also, the problem could be caused by your server settings and lack of SSL. It’s requied for WooCommerce to operate smoothly.

    Unfortunately, as the problem is not theme related (you can see it works fine on the theme demo) we can’t provide much help other than some directions.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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