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    I have seen in your Babystreet forum that it is not possible to add a link to the Icon Box. It is the same issue in the Rigid theme for the Rigid Icon Box (or any of the Rigid Icon elements). Is that something you can allow in an update to the theme? You can use the WP Bakery Icon element with a URL but the Icon Box has better styling.

    One reason for this is to enable icons for the My Account dashboard rather than using text based tabs. So, if you cannot allow URL links for Rigid Icon Boxes could you somehow allow icons for the My Account area?

    Kind regards,


    Hi zuyo,

    You can’t use link on Icon Boxes. I’ll discuss with the team if it’s possible to add this in the next major update. However, it still can’t be used as you wish.

    BTW, you can add icons to the tabs with simple CSS, just like wit did for the account dropdown links in the header. Also, icons for the tabs are in the list for the next major update (there will be a lot if new features in Rigid 6.0).



    Hi Dimitar,

    It is possible to create Icon Boxes on the My Account page and then hide the tabs’s container with CSS. If the Icon Boxes had associated links it would be better than having to have a title with clickable link or just a clickable link which is not clear from looking at the icon box that they are links. See in the screenshot Icon-Boxes-in-My-Account.png where first 2 are just icon boxes, then title with clickable link then just clickable link.

    I have not hidden the navigation tabs…

    Looking forward to seeing new feature in release 6.0!

    Kind regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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