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    Hello. I would like to use the Menu Restaurant with the Menu Card page (as per demo). However, the demo does not clarify if ordering a product from this type of menu, it ends up in the woocommerce cart. The question is: if you use the Restaurant Menu, by clicking on the “Order now” button, where does the product go? In the Woocommerce shopping cart or elsewhere? Thanks.


    Hello Digitalweb35,

    You can link Restaurant Menu Items to existing WooCommerce products using the button if you wish, but basically that’s not the idea (it’s more an edge case).

    Basically the two functionalities serve two different purposes. The Restaurant Menu functionality is for simple menus where no online orders are accepted. The products are just LISTED and users can order by phone, or just read the menu. The button is options and is there just in case someone desperately needs so buttons there.

    If you need to have online orders, you’d need to use the WooCommerce products.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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