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    Hi guys, I have a few questions if you could please help me out.

    1. I’ve changed the text “wishlist” to “favourites”, everything works fine apart from when I hover over the menu it shows a text that still says wishlist. Is there any chance I can change the text in hover as well into favourites?

    2. This question is similar to the previous one, I’ve changed the name of “basket” into “order” and now I would like to change the text when hover from “View your shopping order” into “View your order”. Is there any way I can take out the word “shopping”?

    3. When I click on “quick view” mode on a product, Report Abuse opens up with a form automatically. I would like to suppress the form and only leave the report button. Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hello Codrin1,

    sorry for the late response. We were out of the office for few days because of our national independence day.

    Both text strings from p.1 and p.2 can be easily changed using a plugin like Loco Translate. Just don’t forget there are text strings in both the theme, the theme plugin (Rigid plugin) and WooCommerce that need to be changed.

    As for the Report abuse form – you can’t use it inside the quickview as you can’t have modal box inside modal box. There is nothing we can do for changing the default functionality, as it’s part of the multi-vendor plugin, not the theme.

    The only thing you can do is changing the report button in quickview with some custom CSS.

    Hope this helps.



    Thanks so much for your reply.

    Loco translation worked just fine, thanks for the tip.

    In regards to the Report Abuse question, what I don’t like is the fact that in Quick View, the form (which includes name, email and message) opens up without having to click the Report button.

    I would like it to be the same as the one in product page, when you have to actually click on the Report button to be able to see the form.

    Is it possible to change this and not have the form automatically open in Quick View? If it can only be done using CSS please could you tell me the code to achieve this?

    Thanks for your help.


    Hello Codrin1,

    You are right, the report abuse form should not be visible in the quickview popup. Seams this happened from one of the latest updates of WC Marketplace.

    However, we think it will be more appropriate to hide the form and the Report button at all in the quickview popup, because:
    – Two popups one on another is too much
    – Quick-view after all is for displaying the most important of the ui elements.

    We will fix that in the next release.

    Meanwhile here is a CSS snippet to hide them in the quickview:

    .rigid-quickview-product-pop a#report_abuse {display:none !important;}
    .rigid-quickview-product-pop div#report_abuse_form {display:none}


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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