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    Hi there, webiste is slow after setting up with WCFM marketplace using the ETSY style demo.

    I have set it up on a VPS server, subscribed for CDN and also installling WP Rocket caching plugin all in order to improve the speed, but all to no avail.

    I have tested it severally on GTMetrix and tools.pindom and the website has consistenly scored F.

    At this stage of the development, we have only demo content on the website and it’s this slow, what will then happen when we eventually start adding products?

    Pls I really need your help in what I could do to gain back the speed score of the original theme which is one of the reason that attracted me to the rigid theme in the first place.

    I wouldn’t mind asking for a refund from my current host if they happen to be the culprit, and kindly recommend the best hosting that’ll help speed up my business and other recommendations as regards the speed would be welcome.

    Kindly lemme know if you would need admin access so I can setup one for you.

    Thank you

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    Hi adjoyventures,

    It’s a combination of many factors.

    1. Your hosting is really slow. The TTFB on your server is more than 1 second (it sould be under 0.2). We don’t know exactly what hosting plan do you have, but on VPS it should be much faster.
    2. Your content is not optimized properly – for example – you have images 1600x339px that are displayed as 258×200. The total size of your home pages over 5 MB, which is huge
    3. Your content is not properly set – for example – it’s highly not recommended to list the full vendors list shortcode on your home page. It’s must be on a separate page set as vendors list page.
    4. Your events plugin’s output is very heavy. Can’t tell why – probably that’s how it works.
    5. There are JS errors on your site which are slowing it down even more (some notifications related plugin)
    6. You have a lot of plugins loading external resources. This is always slowing the sites down (live chats, google listings etc.)

    What we can suggest is getting a good hosting (e.g. SiteGround or similar), optimize your content and plugins settings and only use plugins that are really necessary for your website to work properly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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