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    I need a pickup and delivery location selector in the header or footer for all pages. does theme lafka provide any shortcode or widget to add location selector in header or footer?


    Hi rashminpatel.cosmonautgroup,

    The selector is available inside the cart module on every page. Other than that, once you select a location and/or method, you can change it also on shop page, category pages, cart page and checkout page.



    My website link is as follows: –

    Home 6

    Theme has the functionality that once we select the location its display on following pages: –
    shop page, category pages, cart page and checkout page.

    Also shown in Screenshot link

    But we have client’s requirement that they wants this location box in all the pages. so they want us to keep it in Header or Footer.

    So can you explain me the way to keep this box in Header or Footer. Also, you can suggest the custom code for achieving this if its not possible from Admin Panel.



    You can call the code for showing the box anywhere you like, but keep in mind that it was tested only for the intended locations mentioned above. So in some cases it may have unexpected behavior.
    So, for example, to show it right before the footer, you can use the following code:
    add_action('get_footer', array('Lafka_Branch_Locations', 'show_change_branch'), 1);

    You can hook it to different action, if you find one which better fits your needs.
    You can also call the function directly from any template you like, like this:

    Just be sure you are doing it from a template copied to the child theme, so you don’t loose your change.



    Thank you So Much, Alex.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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