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    Hi, I need support on understanding what the pages are for
    1)Product Container
    2)Shop Pagination Container
    3)Result Count Container
    4) Scroll top anchor
    I am trying to add a filter to the page and the plugin is asking for these details


    Hello skariat,

    I am not really sure what do you mean. There are different “containers” depending on the page type, whether it’s product archive page, or products were inserted via shortcode, pagination type etc.

    Also, why would you need a filter plugin with such *ahem* – insane requirements, when the theme itself comes with built-in AJAX filters?


    When I add the built in filters I get nothing in the attributes to pick. What am i doing wrong? I added” Filter product by attribute” and “filter product by Rating” to a sidebar and using that side bar on a page i am creating. Nothing show up on that page. Any help is appreciated.
    Also, How do i change the filter position on the SHOP page from top to the left hand side and add more filters to it?


    Hello skariat,

    you can’t use filters on custom pages, no matter if it’s the theme filter or third party plugin. Product filter will only work on default woocommerce pages (Shop, Category, Archive etc.) and only IF there are products matching some of the filter attributes. That’s not theme related. It’s how WooCommerce work.

    Also, instead of the default “Filter product by attribute” widget, I’d suggest using the custom theme widget “Rigid Product Filters”, so you can also use the custom attribute types and swatches (color, label, image etc.)

    Hope this helps.



    Thank you. I will do that.
    Where is the Price slider so i can use that in the filters also? Is there a Rigid Product Category dropdown?


    Thanks, I did find the price slider.
    One basic question: How do i create a page that shows
    a) New added products
    b) Recommended products.
    I wanted to have filters on these pages similar to the shop page.


    I am afraid this is not possible. As I already explained, filters will only work on default woocommerce pages (Shop, Category, Archive etc.) and this is not theme related. It’s just how WooCommerce work.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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