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    David Savill

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to mention this:

    WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace

    WooCommerce Frontend Manager – Home

    I believe before they just had their Frontend Manager, which was compatible with Dokan, WCMP and WCVendors. However now they’ve created their own marketplace to go with it.

    Looking at the demo, it seems to have missing features which I have been using WCMP for since the beginning of using them, which they are still dragging their heels with, like:

    – Ability for vendors to delete their images.
    – Ability for vendors to select shipping zones.
    – Ability to duplicate products!

    It’s been 9 months of waiting for WCMP to make their software usable, which is really still a crippled system, so this coming from a company who have worked many marketplaces seems quite interesting.

    Any chance RIGD might be compatible with them?


    Hi David,

    thanks for the info. We will definitely check this plugin and see if it can be deeply integrated with Rigid. It’d definitely be compatible out-of-the-box, but some of the custom features we have for WCMp and WC Vendors would not be available at the moment.

    Just to make it clear and make sure there are no wrong expectations – it can’t be made in just few days. Also, my wedding was last week, and we are quite a bit behind schedule with our other projects, so it will definitely take some time.

    Thanks again for the info.

    Best regards,

    David Savill

    Congratulations on your wedding!! <3

    I hope you both had an amazing day?


    Yes that’s fine, I just got a little excited when I checked the features of the new marketplace.

    You potentially mentioned a new theme, which I may just wait for as I think I might be starting again from the beginning – I don’t think WCMP vendors can be migrated to WCFM.

    I’ve also seen the release of Gutenberg, which actually seems to be quite nice, I wanted to ask if your themes are compatible with this (only as it’s free and Visual Composer needs to be paid for) or do you think visual composer is better than Gutenberg?

    What made me think is that Gutenberg is developed within WordPress? (or am I wrong?) and if more people begin using this, then Visual Composer could see less purchases then gradually disappear, which would mean anyone using Visual Composer it would have to change to something else in the future, which could be a big job. – Just a thought and an attempt to predict the future.


    David – agree 100%. Integrating WCMP into Rigid will be a life saver for many of us! Thanks for the proposal!

    Dimitar, whenever you can do that… It will be welcomed by thousands!!!


    @Yiannos Well… approx. ~600 at the moment and most of them are just testing it.

    However, we will look into this and do our best to provide at least the same compatibility level as we offer for WCMp and WC Vendors.

    As for the Gutenberg – it would never beat the page builders as it wasn’t meant for this. It’s meant to be a modern content editor, but still for blogs mostly. Currently it can’t be used even for blogs as it’s full of bugs, not optimized, hard to use etc. Definitely a move into the right direction, but still not ready for production sites and it would never outrage the dedicated page builders.

    Best regards,



    I don’t think WCMP vendors can be migrated to WCFM.

    Soon WCFM will be coming with plugin to migrate it. They are doing everything possible for easy migration.

    As WCMP is having some issue hence am wondering we can get sign off or Conditional Sign Off from @Althemist it would be great.

    Warm regards,


    Hello Shubham,

    not really sure what do you mean by “Sign Off”. Could you please, explain more?



    Hi Dimitar,

    Sign off as in go ahead to use that plugin. So feature which you made for WCMP can break. a list kind off.


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