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    I want to limit the number of products on one screen, i.e. I want the products to appear on multiple screens and to have pagination.
    I want that for both the Shop page and the Vendor Product page.
    You have a menu on both of these pages (
    I choose that I want, for example, 10 products on one page, however, regardless of what I choose, all products are always loaded on this page (pls look at one screen, the selection is 10 products, on this screen all products are listed, 15 are visible:
    Additionally, I set a limit for the Vendor Store in WCFM Settings (, but to no avail – I always have all products on one scrolling screen, no there is pagination.
    The same is the case for the Shop page on the Rigid theme demo (Elemag).
    Pls for help



    Where do you set the limit of products per page?

    These (number of products, pagination type etc.) must be set in the Theme Options > Shop tab, not on the customizer.


    thank you very much for your help, everything is OK now.
    I disabled Infinite Scroll, I also tested the Load More Button, everything works great.
    I thought that on the Shop page it was enough to choose whether I wanted 10, 20 or more products and that would be OK, I didn’t know that Infinitive Scroll was enabled.
    For the Vendor Product page I tried to set the product/page number on WCFM Vendor Admin.
    Before I finish this topic, pls one question: At the bottom of the product page is written the information “Showing n to m of x (y Pages)”
    Is it possible to place this information above the product list (as is the case with most themas, e.g. Storefront)



    Sorry for the late reply.

    No, I am afraid that would not be possible. It’s not theme related. It’s automatically generated by WooCommerce.


    OK thanks, Dmitar.
    I have worked with many themes where this data is at the beginning of the part with the list of products. Since it’s generated by WooCommerce, that means I need to find those settings with WooCommerce.
    That’s a tip that helps me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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