ResolvedNutrition Removal / Order now removal . Keep Cart at top on mobile?

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    Hi Lafka team,

    I got to page 45 searching for answers – so can you get a search bar installed so people can look for previous queries?

    Nutrition guide. i want to remove this, but when i try to remove in product sections it will not allow, it keeps on putting in what looks like a pre set figure! I can put in 0, but it still shows up on the front end

    I would like to remove the order now button on the main products screen is there a way of doing that.. it doesn’t show all pizzas and sizes so a little un upselly

    I would like to keep the main menu screen for mobile and keep the cart etc at the top?
    Pizza, Sides, Drinks, COmbos, Promos, – this menu bar
    Any way of doing that?>

    thanks for your help


    Hi sam,

    1. Just don’t put any information in nutrition fields and it would not be displayed at all.

    2. Could you, please explain more. I am a bit confused and not really sure what are you trying to achieve. Exactly where would you like to remove the “order now button”? Basically in the demo, order now button is the quick view button. If you disable the quick view option under Theme Options > Shop, it would be replaced with a standard add to cart button.

    3. I am afraid the menu can’t be disaplayed on mobiles. For mobile devices there is a dedicated mobile menu (when you tap the hamburger icon on the right).


    We coded the menu to go to the top of mobile screens.. it looks pretty good.

    might be a nice option for you guys later.

    Sorry the rest was custom, i forgot we had updated aspects of site.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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