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    Hello, how can i change the ORDER NOW color in white with hover black and background of button to be red? Is any options in theme options (if is i cant find it) or it`s a css problem (and if it is where i can find the css file to modify?) Thanks!


    Hi, not sure if this helps but I am waiting on a response and have time to kill so…

    You can change most colours under: appearance > theme options > General Styles.

    You can change “add to cart” colours under appearance > theme options > shop

    If you are looking to change a specific button, go to pages > all pages and select the page you want to edit. You can them select any element – in this case the button and when you mouse over it, select the pencil to get to button settings. Here you can change the colours.

    If you really want to change this via css manually (I would do it the way above) then go to Appearance > Customise and go to the page with the button. Right click and inspect the button to see the styles and then you can test changes in “additional CSS” in the left hand menu. Just be careful if the style is used elsewhere as well.

    I hope this helps but you may want to see what Althemist come back with as they are the experts.


    1. How can i align all those buttons to not be like thrown from the plane . I attach another picture here.
    Imagine 1

    2. I wanna change the link (VIEW CART) from the view your shipping cart with MODIFY YOURE CART. Basically, the customer sees his shopping cart, it seems to me that the link is somehow repeated.
    IMage 2


    And at the 1st topic i dont have a solution even with the point help. Althemist please help. I wanna change all ORDER NOW buttons color, i attach a picture to be better understanded
    Image 3


    First off, looking at image 3, I thought you could change this here : appearance > theme options > shop and
    (scroll down a fair bit to see it or use ctrl+F and search for “Add to Cart Background Color”)

    1: Again you would need to check with Althemist, but I don’t think this would be possible within the theme options and would possibly require some custom code. If you inspect this section its styled using “lafka-list-prod-summary” so perhaps you could test changing this in the CSS, but I an unaware what else this could change, and would wait on Althemist to comment as they may be able to suggest a better method if there is one.

    2: Sorry to again throw this back to Althemist as I could be wrong but I don’t think there is a simple way to change this nor perhaps should you need to? The basket you see from the icon is more of a “quick view” and the link within this takes you to the actual cart page.

    Again, probably best waiting for Althemist, but hope that helps 🙂


    Sorry just looked again. If I inspect the button I see this:

    class=”button product_type_simple add_to_cart_button ajax_add_to_cart”

    So you could perhaps use this and change it in the additional Css? Again, I would wait on Althemist to be sure. 🙂


    Hello dianabt95,

    1. Assuming you are talking about the button in listings (not the single product page one) – it can only be changed with CSS. This is the selector you’d need to alter:

    div.prod_hold .links a.lafka-quick-view-link {
        your styles here

    2. The buttons can’t be aligned, because the short description of your products have different length.

    3. This is the default WooCommerce text. You can change it with a plugin like Loco Translate:

    Loco Translate

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