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    Good afternoon.
    Order time question:
    1. Delivery time is displayed incorrectly. It is now 12:43. The user is given the opportunity to select today’s date, starting at 11 00 am. Tomorrow is provided as expected from 8:00. Can you please tell me how to change this setting?
    2. Is it possible to separately set the time for preparation and delivery? for example: – the dish is prepared in 120 minutes. – slot delivered 30 minutes.



    1. That’s really strange. Could you, please give us temporary admin access to your site, so we check your settings and what could be wrong?

    2. No, I am afraid this can’t be done. The time slots are global.

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    This reply has been marked as private.

    There are 2 main problems on your site.

    1. The Global Order Hours is set to “Force Override – Open”

    2. You have 2 branches. One of them is open (Coco & Ocotal) and one is closed (Hermosa). However, the Location Confirmation popup is disabled, so users can’t select branch and the checkout is using the Global settings for date and time picker instead of the Branch settings.

    You’d need to enable the Location Confirmation Popup, so users can select branch and the system can apply it’s settings.

    That’s it.


    Initial data:
    – We do not have a pickup, only delivery to 2 regions of rzhrzhokotal and Hermosa.
    – Location is not accurate.
    – When you try to write the address, it gives 10 options. (features of the region – there are no addresses here. Address: it is 200 meters from the bank to the south near a large tree).
    – We tried to show the card on the “pay” page, but the area of ​​the card is not shown at all accurately. (Unfortunately, there is no functionality: publish a map area with delivery sectors, so that the user sets the delivery point on his own).

    Solution currently in use:
    Branches are disabled.
    Delivery times are disabled.
    Shipping cost is 1 total.
    To finalize the user’s order, we switch to WhatsApp. There he throws off the location for delivery and delivery time.
    The solution is very bad, but at least it works logically.


    The issue has been resolved, thanks for the support.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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