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    Hi there,

    we just installed your theme but I am struggeling with some settings.

    First of all, we moved from a custom theme called Makery to WCFM (btw WCMP is really bad right now) and we have all orders, products etc in there. But before, we used authors to assign to shops and now none of the 1000+ products are assigned to a shop (except two, which I fixed manually).

    I can fix it by changing the role of a registered user to “farmer” (why farmer??? shouldn´t it be seller/vendor?) and then the shop appears and products are assigned. That is good. But all the info about the shop is gone, the profile image, the refund policies etc. We have them in out database but how can we assign it correctly? Do we need to do this all manually?

    Also, you wrote somewhere that “Custom vendors list shortcode integrated directly into the drag-and-drop page builder”. I edited a page and I cannot find this anywhere. I want to rebuild the rigid front page with shop overview but dont know how.

    Can you somehow log in and verify that we installed everything correctly?
    Is any plugin missing?
    Does the WCFM support Stripe Connect /Split Payments?

    Best regards,




    Hello doepper.m,

    Unfortunately, this can’t be avoided when moving from a custom multi-vendor solution like Makery to an universal plugin like WCFM or WCMp, Dokan etc.

    There are two ways to fix the missing data – either manually, OR someone needs to write a script to import certain database fields to the new multi-vendor fields.

    The role farmer doesn’t come from the plugin or the theme. It’s probably something in your database left from another theme or plugin. The default role for vendors is “vendor”.

    With such a huge change it would be better if you make a dev copy of the old site and transfer data there, until it’s ready to replace the original site. You would probably need to hire a developer to prepare the database import, as it’s not an easy job to do.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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