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    Hello guys.

    In our site ( we have several issues with the products images, in a past forum thread you help me out with the portrait mode in products images for the shop page, but now i have a strange problem that is triggered with the new products created from October 29 2019.
    Our goal is to have portrait images in all the pages (Shop and others) but now we have square images and rectangular images and if we change all kaind of settings in appearance or Grosso Theme Options the results does not change. The following images shows that problem:
    1.No cuts setting for products thumbnails
    No cuts setting for products thumbnails

    2. Photos appear in square fashion
    Photos appear in square fashion

    3. One particular photo in another size
    Photo in another size

    4. Now we change to 1:1 ratio

    5. The thumbnail starts to show in portrait after this one product. The rest remains in a undesired size

    6. Now we change the setting to a custom size

    7. The same last problems shows

    8. When we go to the shop page (main categorie of clothes), appears different images in different sizes

    And another issue is that this text it doesnt want to translate, even when we change it with loco translate.

    We hope that you can help us with this problems, the URL for the products page is:


    Hello mauriciorivero,

    The image size problem is caused by your original images size. They are not big enough to be cropped to the desired size. As far as I can see, they are set to be 750px (which in my opinion is too big), but your new images are approx 300px wide, so they can’t be cropped to 750. You’d need to use images bigger than the size set in the Customizer.

    I can’t load you screenshots. Please, explain more about the translation problem.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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