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    I have a problem with the ADD ONS of my product. I don´t know how to build it.

    The product is called

    MENU M:

    When you choose the Menu M, you have to choose three different meat.

    1. Meat
    2. Meat
    3. Meat

    All three meat categories have the same five products:

    Gyros Chicken
    Souvlaki Chicken
    Schnitzel Chicken

    So you could create your Menu M like that:
    1. Kebap
    2. Sushi
    3. Gyros Chicken

    Or like that:
    1. Schnitzel Chicken
    2. Schnitzel Chicken
    3. Schnitzel Chicken

    I hope you understand my explanation.

    Thanks 😉



    Sorry for the late reply.

    You’d probably need to create combo product consisting of three different products with variations. Like we did here:

    Half & Half Pizza Combo Medium Size


    Thanks for your reply!

    I got it, one more question:
    –> I uploaded another photo where you can see the two Combo Products “1. Fleischauswahl” and 2. Fleischauswahl”
    The variations which are selectable are all visible. That´s very confusing. Is there a possibility to make a dropdown-menu of all variations of “1. Fleisch-Auswahl”?

    btw. how is it possible to attach screenshots?

    Thanks 🙂



    No, I am afraid that would not be possible. What you need is a probably a plugin like WooCommerce Composite Products.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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