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    Hi There,

    I’m trying to achieve something from last few days however not able to get a solution for that. It’s not related to theme however considering you have vast knowledge you can probably help me on that and I appreciate your help on that. I’m happy to purchase some extra plugin for that if required.

    So basically in my Multi Vendor Theme I’m looking for consistency which Vendors should follow. Like the Products name should follow a proper naming convention etc. to achieve that what I’m looking for is a Product Catalog which basically means that Vendors can’t create new Products but should be selecting from existing products which have been created by name and follows a consistent name etc.

    To achieve this one way is to create Product as Admin in WC and Vendors will select those Products. The problem is that as soon as Admin creates a product it will start coming in shop and since its been created by Admin its not linked to any Vendor but been created by admin just for catalog purpose.

    If you aware of any plugin or way of achieving this ?



    Hello Pankaj,

    I am afraid we really can’t help here. This can’t be done with a plugin, that’s for sure. May be some addon or customization for the multi-vendor plugin, but can’t tell for sure. You’d probably need to consult the problem with your multi-vendor plugin support team.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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