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    I have a problem with one product in my shop: It is already online for a while, but now I took the time and updated the text and some new pictures – and I used the WP Bakery Page Builder for design reasons (I hadn’t before, maybe that’s the thing that causes trouble?).

    However – in the backend everything looks fine, but when I click on preview OR if I visit the live page, I get an error message which says:

    “Diese Seite funktioniert nicht kann diese Anfrage momentan nicht verarbeiten.
    HTTP ERROR 500”

    or just an empty page :(.

    This is the link:

    Maybe anyone has an idea what the hell went wrong here?

    I updated lots of other products in the same way and never had any trouble!

    Thank you, best regards


    Hello Sonja,

    500 errors are server related errors, so we can’t really provide much help. Probably there is something wrong in the content of that specific product. Did you insert some script on the page, or iFrame? Did you tried delete the content and rebuild it from scratch?


    Hi Althemist,

    I rebuilt it from scratch yesterday, and I didn’d add any script or iFrame, but I will check. I only used Pictures, text blocks and dividers, a woocommerceblock and a galery… – all blocks provided by the WP Bakery Page builder, nothing else! I made the same beauty-and-SEO-update with other products, so I really don’t have a clue what went wrong.

    Could the RankMath-Plugin cause such trouble? I replaced Yoast SEO with it recently, and it’s working fine on the rest of the website.


    I will go through every block again now – thanks for your help!

    Best regards,


    No, I guess the RankMath can’t be the problem. Any non standard characters in the Product title or URL? Could you try renaming them both to something simple?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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