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    I’m trying to translate few strings on the product lightbox:
    – “Allergens:” next to allergens list
    – “Sub total” when you add an add on
    – “Total” when you add an add on
    I translated “Allergens” using loco translate and it has no effect, and I can’t find two other strings anywhere.

    I’ve also noticed that this lightbox behaves differently if you have the add to cart sound turned on or off. With the sound on, it opens the basket modal, and with sound off there is no feedback that product was added to basket.
    It would make sense to be able to configure the lightbox to just close after adding the product – and show the notification in the corner about product added to basket.

    Appreciate any help with these translations!


    Hi jscierski,

    The “Allergens” word can be translated in the theme for the restaurant menu. For the WooCommerce products the string is located in the theme plugin (Lafka Plugins), so you should also translate the plugin with Loco Translate.

    I know it may sound weird, but this is because of the strict Envato requirements. The “Restaurant Menu” is our own custom post type, which is part of the theme. The other one is considered customization of the WooCommerce plugin, so we must obey the Envato rules and do it in the theme companion plugin.

    We have just checked and I can confirm the cart “lightbox” doesn’t work with sound notification turned OFF. We will check what’s causing it and will release a fix.

    As for aromatically closing the product modal after add to cart – this is a bit grey area. What if a customer wants to add another one to cart with different addons or a different variation (e.g. 1 small and one large pizza)? However, it is strange that the notification on the corner is hidden behind the modal. We will check this too and make sure it is displayed above the modals.

    Thank you for your feedback.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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