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    I have a catalogue names DJ midi controller.
    There are 43 products in this catalogue.

    I set Shop Pages Default Product Columns in 3.
    and The Number of Products per Page I set is 30.

    But the page only shows 11 rows = 33
    Even I click load more button or select the select object .
    Only 33.

    And the loading icon very long.
    The query or filter has something wrong?

    I import the demo page yesterday.
    May I know is it different between woocommerce default shop page and Refer Shop page


    Hi tooltour,

    I have just checked your website. The load more button works absolutely fine for me. The only problem is that your site is pretty slow and it takes really long time to load the new products.

    BTW< there is something really strange on your site. The categories URL is while it must be something like

    Can’t tell why it is like this on your site, but it may lead to problems in some situations. Could be caused by some plugin you use, but can’t tell for sure. (also that’s the reason “reset filters” button to be visible)


    I already add purchase code.

    dj controller total 43 products, but It only load 33 products.

    When I add a test product.
    total 44 products, It still can load 34 products.

    no matter Infinite Scroll is Enable or not.
    I try to disable Infinite Scroll, so that has 2 page in dj controller,
    But when I jump to page 2, it still load long time then nothing in page 2.

    But I check console, no error.

    I try to change to other theme, the products query is normal.


    Could you please give us temporary admin account (please create new one that is set to English) and also a link to a product which is NOT loaded, but in the same category, so we can check what could be wrong?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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