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    My website is

    i am having a few issues but dont know if you want me to post each seperately. they are random questions thats why i have put them in one post.

    1. the drop down on my mobile menu for the mega menu -CLOTHING- is not working you see the clothing link which works but the women – men – kids drop down does not work.

    2.I am trying trying to sort out the products area under the products plugin sorting section. I want to show certain product first but its hard to move products by dragging from one page to another. Is there another way to sort the products apart from dragging if not how can i drag the products to another page.

    3.Is it possible to give the payment icons on the bottom right side of the footer their original colour not a grey colour



    1. The custom content areas (using the “Description” filed) of mega menus are ignored on mobiles. The Grosso theme comes with a feature to build a separate dedicated menu to be used on mobiles only. Just build a new menu for mobile users and assign it to position “Mobile Menu”

    2. The are many options to define product order. You can use date, price, rating etc. The settings can be found in Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Products. This is not een theme related. It’s how WooCommerce work. Alternatively, you can set custom order and move your products with drag and drop in the admin.

    3. No, this theme is using monochrome icons for payment methods.



    thank you . to solve the product area i increased the amount of products per page to sort it out

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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