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    Hi. On the Our Products page, which has categories at the top and a Refine Products section underneath that with a price slider, I see a behavior that I wouldn’t expect, and wondered if this is a bug or part of the theme design:

    When I refine the product list by sliding either end of the price slider, the page redraws but the Categories section at the top disappears. The sidebar stays, it is only the category section which disappears. There is no way to get back the Categories section without using the menu to go back to the Our Products page.

    This section does not disappear when changing the Sort By dropdown, it is only the price slider that does this. I would expect the page format to remain the same, with the only change being a refinement of the displayed products when a new price range is indicated.

    I’d be interested to know if this is the expected behavior of the theme. Thanks. Here are two screenshots showing before and after the price slider change. Note that the Category icon section at the top disappears in the second screenshot.

    Before Slider Change

    After Slider Change

    Note: the image links are forcing an https instead of http, so they are broken. Please right click on them, view in a new window, and change https to http to view the images.


    Hi macnmotion,

    When you filter the products by price, the result page (even though re-loaded in background via AJAX call) is no longer considered by the system as main shop page, that’s why the categories disappear. It’s just a standard “product archive” page.

    It’s neither feature nor a bug. It’s just how WooCommerce work.



    OK, I understand your reply. I guess it’s not how I would have developed this functionality, but that is a WooCommerce issue, not yours.

    Thanks for the information.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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