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    1- I can see on the main Lafka demo to register is asking for email and password, so the new client do not need to check the email and change the password, on my webpage when you register it ask just for email and send an email so the new user can changes the password also when the client try to make an order the system is asking again for the email on lafka main the demo the email is already written in the email field. How can I do to make it work the same way as Lafka main demo?

    2- We like to set new orders as simple as possible, we don’t want woocommerce to send the invoice to the user, because we don´t do delivery so when the clients came to pick up the order we give him the invoice, son when the user is already register with just email and password and is going to do a new order I like to simplify the order form only asking for the name and phone number, we don’t need to know the address, I found this plugin “Checkout Fields Manager for WooCommerce” you may know if I can use it with Lafka theme, so orders phone only ask for the name because the user already wrote his email and password-

    3- Because nearly all the orders are from smartphones, may be you know a way so when a new user try to register the system only ask for the phone number instead of email and also the password and the name so when the user place a new order, the system will already have the only data we need, his name and phone number, so he can complete the purchase very quickly.

    Many many thanks

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    By the way, I like you to know I install the plugin Login with Google and the plugin WordPress Social Login and Register (Discord, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn) WordPress Social Login and Register (Discord, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn), so new user can register/login very fast


    Hi alvaro,

    1) This is not theme related. It’s WooCommerce settings. Check your settings under WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts & Privacy.

    2) You can use this plugin, but it would not allow you to remove the address field. This is not theme related, it’s how WooCommerce work.

    3) Again, that would not be possible and it’s not theme related. It’s how WooCommerce work. You can’t use a phone number instead of e-mail for registration.

    4) Yes, you can use social login plugins.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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