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    Hello, I have three product combos:
    Product 1: Pizza 1+1 Medium
    Product 2: Pizza 1+1 XXL
    Product 3: Pizza 1+1 Party

    – For each product, the user must select two pizzas and the toppings they want.
    – Each product uses filter variations, as follows:
    Product 1 contains only the medium-sized pizzas
    Product 2 contains only the XXL-sized pizzas
    Product 3 contains only the Party-sized pizzas

    Everything works well for Product 1 and when the customer selects a pizza, the only size that appears is “Medium”, however for Products 2 and 3 I have the following problem
    For Product 2: the client sees all the sizes and he can only select the XXL size
    For Product 3: the client sees all the sizes and he can only select the Party size

    What seems to be the problem?


    I’m trying to write a private reply with all the links and an admin user but I cannot save the post. It returns “*** Forbidden. ***”


    I’m waiting for an answer for 7 business days and still nothing. PLEASE respond.


    I have discovered the bug, PLEASE RESPOND!

    The client sees all the sizes if the value set on “filter variation” in the combo product is not the same with the “default form value” for that particular product with variations.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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