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    I have put an image in row settings in a middle section “Your Journey to ….” and it is not showing up. I have tried different images and different row heights. Even kept default settings. The image is not showing up in the background.

    I want the following:
    1) image to be showing up as the background
    2) Tear off effect
    3) Image height to be used
    4) text should be white. (how do you override the default text color settings

    Make Sustainable Choices


    Hi Chanelle,

    1. As far as I can see there IS an image there (green leafes)
    2. You’d need to set the row to stretch in the row general settings tab and enable the checkbox for tear off effect in the design tab.
    3. There is no way to use the image height for row height. You can set the row height by playing with the top and bottom paddings of the row and set the background as per your needs (cover, contain, repeat etc.)
    4. The text color is controlled form the text element editor.

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    As I alredy explained the image height doesn’t play any role. It’s just a background so it doesn’t stretch the row. The only things that affect the height is the content inside and the paddings on top and bottom.

    The recommended image size for row background is 1920×1080

    4. This is where you placed the “Your Journey to Sustainable Living Starts Here”. It’s a content element called text block inside the row.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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