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    I have somme problems with customer data and shiping data with woocommerce : they don’t refresh.
    when I place an order, and I valid the commande, the informations of the client remain if I try to do an other order.
    what can I do ? I try to remove the plugins, to change the theme but nothing change !
    I have Zass theme, woocommerce and wordpress. All are up to date.
    Thanks for your answer.


    Hi Byscote,

    I am not really sure what do you mean. Could you please explain more?

    Basically, if what you mean is that after an order the browser remembers the fields – that’s normal and it’s not theme related. It’s a browser feature.


    Thanks a lot for your answer.

    When I do an order, I have to complete my personal information. Then, I valid the order and when I do an other order, the information are always there. If it is due to my browser feature, what can I do ? I use Safari 13.0.5 and I have a mac. Where can I find to change the browser feature ?
    Why the browser remembers the fields ? I don’t want that when my website will be operational, the informations stay.
    Somebody tells me that it was perhaps due to my PHP 7.3.14 et MySQL : 5.7.26-log ? could it be ?


    Hello Byscote,

    This is related to your browser privacy settings. It looks like it’s set to remember login information and form fields data. That’s actually pretty normal and it’s the default behavior of most browsers. It’s not related to the PHP and MySQL versions.

    Anyways, please note that it would only do this on your own device. Other users wouldn’t see your data – it’s just for you.


    Thanks a lot for your answer. It’s ok. I try with an other computer and wordpress account and there is nothing what is written.
    I have one more question : the delivery costs are already in my basket with an amount “which comes from nowhere”. CHF: 5.-
    I checked in my settings that I did not want them to be already in the basket. What can this be due to? It appaears when it is a new “clien” but there is no association with something…
    Could it be due to a plugin ?
    Thanks for your answer , good afternoon.


    I highly doubt it’s from a plugin. Probably your WooCommerce settings for default Shipping methods and classes. Check under WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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