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    Hello support team,

    it seems the shipping costs are not calculated correctly in your theme when the products and shipping costs have different tax classes. I have two different VAT classes, regular 19% and reduced 7%. In Germany by law, food is 7% but shipping/delivery costs are 19%. So all my products (pizza, food, etc) are set to the reduced vat class of 7% and the shipping cost is set to the regular 19%. My flat rate shipping costs set to “taxable” and the costs are set to “2,00/1,19”, but in the checkout process, the shipping cost displays 1,100 €, but that’s obviously wrong and should be 2 €. The total cart prices are counted correctly, only the shipping costs row shows the wrong price. I tried the default WooCommerce Theme and WordPress Twenty Twenty and they both showing correct prices. Please help out.

    Thank you in advance.

    Regards, Viktor


    Hi Viktor,

    I am afraid this is not theme related. We do not alter the tax calculation in any way. Most probably there is something wrong in your tax settings. It just have nothing to do with the theme itself.


    Thank you for your response. Sounds logical, but are you sure? I can’t understand how this is possible, if I activate the default WordPress TwentyTwenty theme, the numbers are correct, with your theme not? Maybe you have another idea of what could cause this behavior?


    The only possible reason I can think of would be if you are using an old version of the theme and there are some old WooCommerce files.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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