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    Dear Althemist,

    I am waiting help with 2 main topics here:

    1- please tell me where can I learn about customization. it’s not easy for beginners to know without please just tell me where to get some.

    2- i imported the Etsy like demo, and i have some questuoins:

    a- i put a photo in the home page which i would like to substitute with the picture from the demo. it didnt change after importing. + can you tell me how can i get exactly similar pictures which are in the same color scheme and topic of the theme? or if i can use the pictures you used. where to get them?

    b- i noticed the folloing: 1-the vendor regestration page leads to an empty page .the form i created isnt there.
    2- the seller dashboard page leads to articles about dashoards .i think its not right this way.
    3- the title on the homepage is cut from the top.

    tell me please what kind of info you would like me to give you to check them out.



    Hi omarodeh88wz,

    1. What kind if tutorials and customization? Could you, please explain exactly what problems are you facing?

    2. We can’t just guess what do you mean. Please explain more. Exactly which image you tried to change and how? As for aquiring images – there are many resources on Internet, both Free and premium. You can check for example.

    b- Most probably you don’t the WC Marketplace plugin installed and configured
    2- Same like previous question
    3- Please, provide a working link where we can see the problem live. As we already explained, we can’t just guess what could be wrong. There should not be a title on the hope page at all.

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    No, I am afraid we don’t offer such services.

    There is a theme documentation where it is explained how to use the theme options.

    In the main package there is also documentation on how to work with the page builder.

    There are also video tutorials available for the WP Bakery Page Builder on youtube.

    As for the images – as we already explained, there are tons of free images available on the internet and you can also use the demo images if you wish.

    For the translation of the theme – the best way to do this would be with the Loco Translate plugin.

    Loco Translate

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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