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    Hi there,
    I installed the theme and found some errors:

    • Thumbnails of recent articles are “squashed” if the images are not square. Should they be automatically resized? I solved it with the following code: img {
      	height     : 50px !important;
      	object-fit : cover;
    • Some strings cannot be translated because they are fixed in the code (like the text in the variable $brdcrmb in function.php row 270)

    Thanks in advance


    Another question: is it possible to have the psd of the images?
    For example the one in the menu, header and footer?
    Thanks in advance


    Hello chalda,

    1. Not really sure what do you mean. Could you, please provide a working link where we can see the problem “live”? Also, please remove your custom code, so we can see the real situation.

    2. There are no string that are not translatable. However, be advised that some of the strings would come from the theme, while other strings are located in the theme plugin (BabyStreet plugin) – the blog breadcrumbs are part of the theme, while the woocommerce breadcrumbs are using a different structure and part of the theme plugin.

    3. I am afraid we don’t keep Photoshop files when the theme developments is finished, so we don’t have them. The theme is mostly designed “in the browser” after the initial concept is created, so we don’t keep work files for banners and design elements.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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