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    I am looking to make the following tweaks in the styling of the header and mobile menu but I am having trouble finding the correct parameters in the CSS file to update in the child theme:

    • Change the sticky header background color and hover font color. The general settings for my header has a hover font color that does not work on the white background of the sticky header
    • Move the mobile menu position to top left instead of top right (inside header selection)

    Any suggestions? Thanks!


    Hello bellita05,

    the sticky header inherits it’s background color from the Header background color setting in Theme Options. There is no separate setting for the sticky header. However, you can change it by manipulating the following selector:

    #header.rigid-sticksy .main_menu_holder:before {
        background-color: #yourcolor !important;

    I am afraid moving the mobile menu button on the left side would be a serious modification. It’s be done with just a simple CSS rule, is it would require the entire header to be edited, logo move to another position etc. Right top or Right Bottom (Right thumb) are industry standards for mobile menu button, so there are no option to move it on the left.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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