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    My website is now officially live, but there is an issue with the stripes (woocommerce payments) payment fields for credit card disappearing at times when users try to enter their card info.

    At first, there was a problem due to Lazy Loading of iframes so I turned it off on that page and the payment fields appeared. However, I did some more testing and found that if a user applied a coupon code that results in a “free order” ($0) and then removes the coupon code so they now have to pay a fee, the payment fields do not reappear. I will post another message with the coupon code and login info for you to test.

    So my two main questions:

    1) Is there a way to allow lazy loading of iframes without it interfering with the jquery? I also noticed lazy load causes other issues with other features of the site as well where some images will not appear at times.

    2) Even when lazy load is completely turned off, the payment field does not appear in the scenario where the user enters the coupon and then removes it. Please fix this.

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    This is definitely not theme related. I can see you have few additional Payment plugins. Could be related to some of them.

    As for the lazy loading – i can see you have a3LazyLoad plugin installed and active. This is not needed. LazyLoad is a built-in core WordPress feature since v. 5.5.+, so you must remove ALL additional lazy load plugins.


    I tested the payment plugin by removing the other options (Poli) and it still causes the same error. Have you tried it on your test site using a coupon code that gives a 100% discount and free shipping? If not, please give it a try to see if it works.

    I am aware that LazyLoad is a built in feature. HOWEVER, I disagree with your advice and would say you should not give that advice to other users based on the following facts:

    1) Default wordpress LazyLoad is not built in for youtube videos and any youtube videos you place on a website will significantly lower your page speed score. After testing this thoroughly, I managed to remove 4 seconds of load time just by adding lazy load specifically for video (the a3LazyLoad plugin).

    2)It’s also worth noting that the default LazyLoad does not work for all image elements. I checked the page source and saw that not all images had the “Lazy” tag and after testing, some of the images indeed were not lazy loading. Again, I was able to cut down load time by implementing a3LazyLoad targeting those specific images (by another 3 seconds). The A3LazyLoad plugin creates issues with the default wordpress lazyload images, so again, I looked in the source code and made sure to exclude those in the plugin settings.

    In conclusion, this is exactly what I would recommend to other users. The default wordpress is good but not perfect.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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