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    Hi all,
    Is it possible to hide/unhide a product add-on when a different add-on has been selected?


    Hello SapMan,

    I am afraid that would not be possible. The addons can not be displayed conditionally. They are available on per product basis or category based.


    With a bit of research I found a simple JS which makes it possible to hide/show a section based on if the checkbox is selected or not. I was able to hide the specific section by default, with the following css code:

    div.product-addon:nth-child(7) {
     display: none;

    But I’m not able connect the code to the specific checkbox.

    Can you help me make it possible?

    Thanks in advanced.


    I’m trying to run the following custom code, but it is not working. I hope you can help me with it:

    var checkbox = document.querySelector("input[name='addon-354-menu-5[]']");
    var text = document.getElementsByClassName("div.product-addon:nth-child(7)");
    checkbox.addEventListener('change', function() {
      if (this.checked) {
        text[0].style.display = "block";
      } else {
        text[0].style.display = "none";
    <style>	div.product-addon:nth-child(7) {display: none;} </style>
    <?php } );

    This would not work, because the addons are dynamically loaded via AJAX call. As I already explained, what you need just just can’t be done and even if manage you hide/show some of the options dynamically, that would lead to errors in the cart/order data.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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